Organ player, pedagogue and publicist, Felician ROŞCA (born 1953) is one of the remarkable contemporary Romanian organ players. At present, professor Felician ROŞCA Ph.D. teaches the organ class at the Faculty of Music, West University of Timisoara; he is the President of the Romanian Society of Hymnology (2008), member of the Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists (2005), member of the International Society of Hymnology (IAH) since 1995 and member of “Sigismund Toduţă” Society of Cluj-Napoca (1997).

He graduated the organ specialization of “Ciprian Porumbescu” Conservatory of Bucharest in 1977. In the following years, he takes part in the mastery classes of Professor Millan SCHLECHTA from Prague and Simon PERES from France, who lead him into the secrets of medieval music, and later on he takes a stage of organ interpretation with Professor Lehotka GABOR from the National University of Music “Fr. Liszt” from Budapest.

Since 1991, with the re-establishment of the Faculty of Music within the West University of Timisoara, he is professor of organ and accompaniment for organ specializations. He is a greatly esteemed professor, his undergraduate and postgraduate students being present in national and international concerts.

In 2000 he takes the exam of Doctor in Arts – Music at “Gh. Dima” Music Academy from Cluj-Napoca, with the thesis “Incursion in Romanian organ art and pedagogy, coordinated by Professor Eduard Terenyi, Ph.D. He is the director of several national and international festivals, such as: Timorgelfest (Banat Organ Music Festival, now at it’s 10th edition), Romanian Organ Art (giving concerts in Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy) and the director of Hymnology Seminars. He is also the director of a CNCSIS research grant on the monography of Romanian Organs.
Within these years he undertakes a vast activity as an organ player in Romania and abroad. He gave concerts at the Romanian Athenaeum (Bucharest), the Radio Hall (Bucharest), Cultural Palace (Tg. Mures), the State Philharmonics of Oradea, Arad, Tg. Mureş, Satu Mare, Timişoara as well as in churches with famous organs from Braşov, Sibiu, Mediaş, Sighişoara etc. As soloist, he gave concerts and toured in Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Austria, Russia, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Slovenia.

He published several books, such as: Romanian Organ Art and Pedagogy in an European Context, Mirton Publishing House, 2000; Methodics of Interpretation. Analysis Models in Organ Art, Signata Publishing House,  2001; Protestand Choral. Johann Sebastian Bach, Choral partitas for organ, Mirton Publishing House, 2002; From the Beginnings to Johann Sebastian Bach, Mirton Publishing House, 2003 ; George Enescu. Organ Works and Transcriptions, West University of Timişoara Publishing House, Timişoara, 2007; in cooperation with professor Laszlo Csanadi, Ph.D. Development of Italian Organ and the activity of Mascioni family; Il Transylvano by Girolamo Diruta or Renascentist Music from Alba Iulia, West University of Timişoara Publishing House, Timişoara, 2007.

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